CSR Projects

Reuse Old Books

According to UNESCO’s 2016 Report, there are still 61 million children of out of school globally. Of these children, 25 million are in the rural, low-income regions that UWS targets. We are helping these children by providing them old text books in India. 

Reduce Waste

By segregating and composting, a family of 4 can reduce their waste from 1000 Kg to less than 100 kg every year. It needs people to change ingrained habits related to waste management and recycling. WISE volunteers give training and provide compost bins to residential areas.

Recycle Paper

Recycling paper is one way of reducing our ecological footprint by lowering the total amount of waste we produce. WISE works with an NGO to collect paper from homes and offices and direct it to the nearest recycling plant.

Skill Development

Nearly 276 million people in India survive on $1.25 per day. To tackle poverty, our focus should be on equipping them with all the necessary tools (quality education and professional skills) so that they can attain personal economic growth.