European Union goes to school

The Delegation of the European Union to India, in collaboration with EU Member State diplomatic missions and the WISE Foundation, is organising the ‘EU Goes to School’ project. This unique project is a part of the EU’s outreach initiatives to connect with the youth and foster stronger India-EU relations. Under the project, diplomats and senior staff from various Member States will visit schools in the National Capital Region, New Delhi to give presentations on the EU and their respective countries. 

India is a strategic partner for the EU and the two regions are the world’s largest democracies. The overall objective of the program is to bring the EU and its Member States closer to young people in India and to raise the curiosity of young Indian minds about the EU and its Member States. The EU is keen to reach out to young people in India and help enhance their knowledge of the world around them, including the rich and diverse history and cultures of Europe. 

The objective is also to create awareness about the EU-financed programs like ERASMUS+ and HORIZON 2020, which are the platforms for attracting high-calibre Indian students for further studies and research across  Europe.

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