Techfest Olympiad Result 26 Nov 2019

In Collaboration with WISE Foundation

The Wise Foundation has collaborated with Techfest 2019-20 for conducting  the Techfest Olympiad in Delhi NCR Region.Techfest is a annual science and technology festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. This is the 23rd edition of Techfest event. 

Students are required to participate in team of two to save basic science, mental aptitude and practice life problems. Only Standard VIII,  IX  and X students are eligible to participate.

There is no registration fees for Techfest Olympiad  2019.


Top ten selected teams for Techfest Olympiad 2019 - First Round

1st - Harit Gangwani & Divyansh Jain

2nd - Bhavya Awasthi & Harshit Arora

3rd - Ankita Hegde & Abhijeet Agarwal

4th - Krish Garg & Sparsh Sapra

5th - Lavanya & Ayush Jindal

6th - Ved Sinha & Aditya

7th - Karthik Ramchandran & Abhinav Kumar

8th - Ankur Khetan & Abhinav Gupta

8th - Saksham Jain & Aditya 

10th - Priyansh Goyal & Hardik Saini

This stage will be held at IIT Bombay campus during Techfest from 3rd to 5th January 2020. These 30 teams will go through a screening round and the top 5 teams will go ahead to participate in the Grand Finale.

Grand Finale will be held between the top 5 teams from 3rd to 5th January 2020 at IIT Bombay campus.

Olympiad Format

  STAGE 1:  It will be a written test of 2 hours which may contain both subjective and objective questions. The questions will be based on basic science, mental aptitude and practical knowledge. NO PRIOR PREPARATION IS REQUIRED.   

STAGE 2:  It will be similar to STAGE 1 with a higher difficulty level. Although, if any changes are there, they will be conveyed to the participants well beforehand.   

STAGE 3:  This stage will be a quiz conducted by a quizmaster. The questions will be based on logic, mental aptitude and general science and any changes will be conveyed well beforehand.