WISE 2019 Results


First two letters and first two digits are School Code, C denotes Class, followed by your Class, Last three digits are Student Roll Number Ex: HR11-C09-012 should be read as Haryana School number 11 - HR11, Class 9th - C09, Roll Number 12 - 012

All the school coordinators and students are given the individual roll numbers. However, in case of any confusion, please send email at 

School Coordinators are requested to send the email id and contact phone number of the winning students to us

You are further requested to upload the photographs of Certificate Distribution on your school FB page & Website and tag our FB page

The WISE Foundation will send the PRIZES to the Student directly, after receiving the students details and checking photographs on your school website

Kindly ensure to send us the Student email id and contact number as well as upload the Toppers’ Photographs on School Websites as soon as the school receives the certificates