WISE Environment Club


WISE Environment Club is envisaged as a global platform of school students. The idea is to discuss and deliberate upon the environment challenges faced by our planet earth. The challenges present today go beyond national boundaries like air pollution, ozone layer depletion, deforestation, pollution of oceans and other water bodies. All these challenges portray a grave picture of the actions taken by the decision makers. 

WEC aims to bring the future generation together so that they can single mindedly and collaboratively work towards finding solutions jointly to the global environmental challenges. There will be several campaigns presented to the students during the year where they have to work within their schools, amongst the Indian schools and with selected international schools from other countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and USA. 

WISE Campaigns will be focused on specific SDGs through which the students get a chance to do in-depth analysis of those challenges and come up with workable solutions. The campaign will primarily run in India but will also present opportunities to visit other countries for environment base camps.

Join Us

Wise International Environment Olympiad participants are eligible to join Wise Environment Club. Winners of this olympiad will be WISE Ambassadors in their schools who will help in driving environment campaigns throughout the year.


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